Saturday, December 27, 2008

Who Dropped The Ball

Coal Sludge Spill Disaster video link.

Ole King(not) Coal is really wishing we hadn't seen this video and I’m sure he’s wishing the e-activist that are spreading it all over the world would go away. Not a chance of that happening I’m just getting started. Here’s another disaster that proves once again that big power companies like TVA could care less about us, our country, or the environment. The really sad thing is this spill like others in the past could have been prevented, someone drop the ball on this one.

The report from the most recent inspection of the retention wall, in October, was not yet complete, but a preliminary report showed that a “wet spot” was found, indicating “a minor leaking issue,” according to a fact sheet released by the authority.

A “wet spot” or a “minor leaking issue” in a retention wall (dam), come on wouldn't that tell you something was wrong, seriously that was one of the warning signs found during a inspection of the impoundment dam at the head of Buffalo Creek in WV. just a few weeks before it failed killing 125 people and leaving 4000 homeless. I was at Buffalo Creek about 3 weeks ago the community has never recovered.

Further searches for information about the resent inspection or the preliminary report on the results was unfruitful TVA has closed their public files on the subject.

I won’t bore you buy rehashing the news about this other than posting the video but there is one thing I found that may be of interest.

The EPA’s files indicate we have not been told the whole truth (again) about the content of these impoundments. The permits issued to power companies to dispose of “coal ash” at these sites also includes other wastes.

This is right from the EPA list.

Coal Pile Runoff and Coal Mill Rejects, Waste Coal Air Heater and Precipitator Washes, Floor and Yard Drains and Sumps, Wastewater Treatment Sludge’s, Boiler Fireside Chemical Cleaning Wastes, Boiler Blow down Cooling Tower Blow down and Sludge’s Intake or Makeup Water Treatment and Regeneration Wastes, Boiler Waterside Cleaning Wastes, Laboratory Wastes, General Construction and Demolition Debris, General Maintenance Wastes.
Yet, the EPA has continually rejected the idea of classifying and regulating this type of waste as hazardous.

Part of the EPA’s mission statement reads; to ensure that entities who generate and/or manage fossil fuel combustion wastes provide long-term protection of human health and the environment again someone drop the ball.

As environmental activist all over the country add this to their power point presentations ( a feeding frenzy) lets not forget the ones who have lost their homes and property, unlike loses that come from natural disasters which can be rebuilt in a relatively short time, it will take years to clean up this mess. These peoples life’s will never be the same.

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