Tuesday, December 30, 2008

281 bombs 62 million dead

Imagine waking up in the morning turning on the news and hearing that 281 bombs the size of Hiroshima Nagasaki combined went off. That’s 62 million people dead. The elimination of entire countries,
Don’t blink, don’t look away Don‘t take a breath and what ever you do don‘t touch the water. The bombs have went off.
Their wasn‘t a bang no huge fire ball just silence.

According to David Pimentel ecologist at Cornell University in an interview with live science. 40 percent of all deaths or 62 million people a year die due to environmental factors. Particularly organic and chemical pollutants that have accumulated in the water we drink and the air we breath.

Am I concerned with a species of frog some creepy crawler dying off? you bet I am.
Not for the love ever creature big and small, but because they are the canaries in the coal mine.

Mother earth she can fix herself, the question is weather mankind will be here to see it. Will your son or daughter live to see 60 will you grand child have a reasonable quality of life.
Fall out its at our door, its wearing a mask of convenience, investment, Jobs, electronic credit, plastic and green paper with a presidents or leaders head on it. Its buried in a mound of paper work denying responsibility, due to other environmental factors. The 62 million deaths a year are not all due to power generation, a huge portion is and it is avoidable.
In the U.S. 1.053 billion tons of coal each year is mined, using 90% of it for generation of electricity. it is 49 % of our electrical use. Waste products of coal mining include uranium, thorium, and other radioactive and heavy metal contaminants.

We can help to contain this in silent killer in our back yard today! Its almost like the diet pill you see advertised on TV eat all you want and loose wait. The difference this pill works and it requires effort only a bit one on our part.
The treatment plan for our silent self destruction syndrome is not as hard as you may think and its the only chance to save we have to save our species full scale power generation from non toxic sources. Tidal ,wind, solar, and what trumps them all Geo thermal.

Now for the effort part. To day I would like you to sign 2 petitions, both to environmental companies asking them to use their collective resources to set up and promote a donation site to fund the actual buying of land the permits and the construction of Cold geothermal power plants. Like the one used in Chena Alaska this type of electric producing plant dose not need the super hot earth from volcanoes and tectonic plates like traditional plants. The reason I say geothermal is because it works better, its more reliable, its faster, and their is 4 thousand years of currently accessable energy just waiting to be taped. The next thing I am asking you to do is spread the petition to friends and family. The 281 bombs going off every year, moving forward on actual building of clean energy can reduce that number.

Think of the lives that would be saved not only spared from the Toxic contaminates and global warming but from the lac of oil wars. It would bring relief to many families worried about their heating and electrical bills in an unstable economy where a storm cloud causes oil prices to rise and fall. Its not just about global warming or the fish in the see. Its abut you and me our kids their kids and if they are lucky grand kids.
Sign the petition and start the change we don’t have time to wait for the wheels of government.

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