Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Forest Protocol

Ask your lawmakers (how) to support a Forest Protocol to be linked to the Convention on Biological Diversity and to the Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Ask them to support the priorities in national biodiversity strategies and action plans that are being actively implemented, as a means to achieve national implementation of the Convention, and as a significant contribution towards the global biodiversity agenda. ( CBD)

Reminded them that forests have the capacity to both emit and sequester carbon dioxide, a lead greenhouse gas(GHG) that contributes to climate change. Trees, through the process of photosynthesis, naturally absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and store the gas as carbon in its biomass, i.e.,trunk (bole), leaves, branches, and roots. Carbon is also stored in the soils that support the forest (i.e. forest soil), as well as the understory plants and litter on the forest floor. (FP)

Tell them that you support the major distinction between the Protocol and the Convention which is that while the Convention encouraged industrialised countries to stabilize GHG emissions, the Protocol commits them to do so.

California's model Forest Project Protocol is a very good example of a work in progress and should be considered as an outline for a national FPP.

In order move towards a more sustainable future intelligent stewardship of our National Forest must become an important part of any viable legislation aimed at protecting, and conserving these natural treasures.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."~ Margaret Mead ~

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  1. The CA forest protocol unfortunately doesn't prevent massive clearcutting of the Sierra Nevada forests or other forests in CA. This is going on right now as our hypocritical gvt says lets stop other countries from clearcutting and forest devastation. Here in CA the govenor took a ton of money (as have others) from Sierra Pacific Industries so everyone is under pressure from SPI not to address the clearcutting ov over 1.2 million acres that is underway. To see the pictures visit or The science re climat change and forests supports that clearcutting is the most CO2 emitting of all logging methods yet no one but s small group of volunteers even cares that massive amounts of CA forests will continue to be clearcut under CA's forest protocols - check it out.


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