Thursday, December 10, 2009

Save Colorado's Roan Plateau

Before leaving office, the Bush administration leased the entire top of the beautiful, wildlife-rich Roan Plateau in western Colorado for gas development, threatening its abundant wildlife habitat and trout streams.

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has the opportunity to cancel these gas leases and write a better management plan for this unique landscape. Please join thousands of Coloradans in asking Secretary Salazar to take a fresh look at saving Roan Plateau.

The Grand Junction Sentinel noted in its November 13th editorial that the BLM's original plan was premised on the idea that only about 200 wells would be drilled there in the next 20 years; now Bill Barrett Corporation says the actual number of wells that could be drilled there is 15 times that number. This is a level of development that will destroy the Roan Plateau as we know it. Once these wild lands, rare wildlife and threatened plants are gone, they are gone forever.

I join with the large and diverse group of supporters that believe the public lands of Roan Plateau are too special to be drilled. I support the cancellation of the current drilling leases, and ask that you direct the BLM to complete a more thorough analysis and rewrite their management plan to protect the Roan's critical biological and recreational resource's

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