Thursday, December 10, 2009

EW's person of the month. Ryan Newmen NASCAR's # 39

Land conservation in America is about protecting wildlife and scenic areas and giving Americans great places to experience the outdoors. Racing for Wildlife is an exciting venture that invites millions of Americans who love NASCAR and the outdoors to help save America’s legacy around the country.

Ryan Newman, driver of the #39 Stewart-Haas Racing Army Chevrolet in the NASCAR Sprint Cub Series car, loves being outside, whether he’s behind the wheel in a race or fishing off a dock. Ryan has teamed with The Conservation Fund – one of America’s top-rated land protection organizations – to launch Racing for Wildlife. Together, they are bringing a message to the NASCAR community and fans of all ages to protect, respect and enjoy America’s special places.

Across the nation, natural places are increasingly being lost to development. Woods and grassy meadows are giving way to shopping centers and subdivisions. As a result, families have fewer opportunities to get outside and enjoy nature. In an effort to help preserve America's special places, the Ryan Newman Foundation has teamed up with The Conservation Fund to launch Racing for Wildlife, a creative campaign to build an American land legacy for generations of race fans who share Ryan's love of the outdoors.

Together, The Conservation Fund and the Ryan Newman Foundation are leading the effort to preserve some of these special places—and are turning to the millions of Americans who love NASCAR and the outdoors to help. Each year, Racing for Wildlife will pursue a new conservation project that offers recreational opportunities near urban areas, so families can easily enjoy these protected places.

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  1. Ryan Newman, my favorite race car driver, is an excellent choice for recognition. Good pick!


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