Wednesday, June 10, 2009

As we approach the summer months, we see the blooming of plants that were only buds a short time ago. It reminds me of a Native American proverb, "walk lightly in the spring, for Mother Earth is pregnant." I thought this was a cute reminder to respect the planet, especially as the grass is growing and the flowers have become in bloom. The smell of wild roses along the ocean front mixed with the sea air gives such a refreshing feeling of closeness to the earth. I am reminded of connecting with nature, enjoying the warm weather and spring air. As the longest day of the year approaches, it is important to appreciate and take advantage of this beautiful time of year.

It is important to dedicate some time in our schedules to appreciate our environment in order to avoid being bogged down by the endless news about the state of our earth. We are bombarded by the atrocities that our natural environment is enduring through general observation and through the media. All we hear about is how the environment is being affected: the mountains are being over-mined, sea life dying from warming climates and water traffic. Why don't we hear about solutions and what we can do to improve the state of the earth. One great thing about the Information Age is the access to wonderful websites giving helpful hints on how to improve our lifestyles to save the environment while also save money.

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