Thursday, May 14, 2009

Don't let Dirty Coal hijack the Clean Energy Bill!!!

From The Desk of Jessy Tolkan, Power Shift '09'

Here's the deal: After weeks of discussion, Congress is ready to release the Waxman-Markey climate bill. Based on early reports, it's safe to say that while some parts of this bill are good, a whole lot of it is not.What's more, Dirty Coal and Big Oil are spending millions of dollars on lobbyists who are fighting hard to weaken this bill as much as possible -- and it's working . As I sit at my desk trying to figure out how to react to all of this, my emotions are mixed. I am so disappointed that once again, Big Oil and Dirty Coal have hijacked what should be a game-shifting piece of legislation. This bill should create millions of clean energy jobs, a huge investment in renewable energy, and transform our economy. But the dirty energy industry is fighting tooth and nail to make sure that doesn't happen. And at the same time, I am so proud of the progress we have made. We've come a long way, climate movement. We are more powerful than ever before, and can take this fight to the finish line.
Call your Member of Congress TODAY and tell them to listen to YOU, not Dirty Coal and Big Oil.Big Oil and Dirty Coal are demanding free giveaways and giant loopholes so that they can keep on polluting, just like they've always done. But we have worked hard to build a movement big enough to take them on. Dirty energy may have more money and more lobbyists, but we have passion, people, and the truth on our side.We also need to make sure that our Members of Congress know that we are for real. We need to be there every step of the way, calling for a bill that will create clean energy jobs, set aggressive pollution reductions targets, and make polluters pay for their mess.
Call Congress and tell them that you want a clean energy future, not giveaways to polluters!It may be summer vacation for some of us, but we need to keep the pressure up. In the next weeks, we'll be in touch about ways to stay involved, and to make sure that our positive vision of a clean energy future wins. We need to be active in every Congressional District, shouting from the rooftops that we want green jobs and a clean energy future.Are you with us?To drowning out Dirty Coal and Big Oil,Jessy TolkanExecutive Director, Energy Action Coalition
Energy Action Coalition is a youth-led coalition of 50 organizations working together to fight for a clean, just and renewable energy future. For a list of Energy Action Coalition partners, please visit our Energy Action Partnerspage.

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