Saturday, April 4, 2009

E.W.'s person of the month.

Hello Friends,

Each month E. W. will endeavor to bring you to your attention someone that we feel has distinguished themselves by their advocacy work.

This month we chose Mr. Isaac Wanasolo, Principal Director of "Youth Coalition For Development."

From Mr Wanasolo: It is absurd that the Millennium Development Goal Act # 2 didn't emphasize the "Quality" Universal Primary Education. Among Indicators of UPE the goal emphasized numbers, which totally downplays the importance of the quality of Education offered in schools. The M.D goal is to "Achieve Universal Primary Education." In our commitment to social Transformation among the youth we are currently operating in Mukono, Wakiso and Kayunga districts working currently with 25 rural primary and secondary schools, and we have inspired and transformed over 500 youths to date; through career guidance and counselling, education movie shows and Drama. we shall continue to expand our coverage to needy districts all over the country. We need your support to propel this good work.

The Youth Coalition was formed in 2007 to fight social injustices of Nepotism, Favoritism, Tribalism and Bribery that are being looked as acceptable norms by increasing awareness among the less privileged youth in rural areas due to limited job opportunities. was formed by a group of five youth to avert this trend of events and bring about social transformation and redemption among the rural youth and children.

VISION:To have an informed and creative future generation, with greater opportunities for life in terms of employment, health and education.

MISSION:To create a Global Youth Partnership for Development via networking for effective information sharing to increase literacy in entrepreneurship and enhance creative thinking among the less privileged youth for job creation , through needs based research, training and advocacy.

Although this mans work is somewhat off topic here at E.W. we feel that his devotion and persistent determination to see this cause flourish has been outstanding.

Please visit the Youth Coalition For Development's site today (LINK)

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  1. Great idea Luke. I like how you chose a person that is doing something great for our world with a tremendous contribution that does not necessarily reflect an environmental mission. Education is such an important tool for increasing environmental and health awareness and responsibility.


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