Thursday, February 5, 2009

From The Wilderness Society

Hey this is what happens when we all work together.

Dear Luke,

Fabulous news! The new Interior Secretary, Ken Salazar, announced yesterday that oil and gas leases that would degrade Utah wildlands have been cancelled. The WildAlert community kept this campaign alive through months and years of action and donations. Read more here.

Did you hear President Obama's call for a new era of responsibility, made at his inauguration? It resonated greatly for The Wilderness Society, and, I suspect it did with you as well. After all, it's not only our love for the land that inspires us to care for wild places. It's also belief in leaving the world a better place that keeps us going in the face of incredible challenges.

Protecting America's natural heritage is a worthy and honorable service. Each time you send a letter, make a phone call, donate, or pass along a WildAlert to a friend, you provide a service to future Americans.

With a new president open to more balanced use of the land, we have the exciting opportunity to do much more in the coming years. We hope you'll start by urging the House to support the landmark monumental wilderness legislation that would protect millions of acres of our nation's best wild places. Click here to take action.

Best Wishes,

Kathy Kilmer

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