Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tell EPA to Control CO2!

Take Action Today!
Dear Luke,
Last year, the Supreme Court said the Environmental Protection Agency could regulate CO2 emissions—but the Bush-cowed agency refused. In an infamous memo, then-Administrator Stephen Johnson ordered EPA to ignore CO2.
This week, President Obama stepped in and told EPA that, after 8 years of political interference, it's time to do its job again—starting with CO2 gas emissions, the biggest contributor to global warming.
The issue at hand is a monstrous, 1,500 megawatt coal-fired power plant that EPA is ready to approve—without any CO2 controls—on Navajo land in New Mexico. The Desert Rock coal plant will inundate native communities with health-robbing pollutants that cause asthma and heart attacks, and spew 12.7 million tons of CO2 greenhouse gases into the atmosphere every year.
Desert Rock is a centerpiece of Bush-era plans to spread coal power across the land without regard for its environmental havoc.
But, we can stop this from happening, and, thanks to President Obama, the EPA now must listen to what we have to say! This is the chance we all have been waiting for—to be heard!
We only have until February 23rd to speak up...So, please, take action now to help build a groundswell movement in support of controlling this plant's air pollution. Tell the EPA to impose the strictest-possible CO2 controls—making it the first plant in EPA history to have such limits!
And while you are at it, tell the new EPA chief, Lisa Jackson, to rescind that Johnson memo so that her agency can start putting CO2 controls on plants throughout the country.
With this action, we are just beginning to take back control of our country's environmental protections. Let's start now!
— EarthjusticeBecause the earth needs a good lawyer
P.S. Every voice counts! Please tell a friend to take action!

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