Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Clean Air Act is under attack.

Hello Everyone,

Email your U.S. Senators today. Tell them you oppose efforts to weaken America's Clean Air Act.

The Clean Air Act is under attack and we need your help today! The Senate is expected to vote soon on a bill that would dismantle one of America's most important environmental laws, the Clean Air Act. This attack, sponsored by Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski, lets big oil and big polluters off the hook by blocking efforts to hold polluters accountable for their harmful global warming pollution.
Please email your Senators now—it will only take a few moments, but could mean the difference on this critical vote.

As hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil surge into the Gulf Coast, threatening birds, wildlife and our coasts, Senator Murkowski is helping the oil companies and their allies by undoing the Clean Air Act and keeping America addicted to oil. This assault—the Dirty Air Act—would put public health at risk and reverse efforts by the Environmental Protection Agency to regulate greenhouse gas pollution under the Clean Air Act.

We need to stop this attack on the Clean Air Act and make sure that Congress focuses on the task at hand passing strong climate legislation that will cut our dangerous dependence on oil, reduce global warming pollution, and protect our environment.
Help us keep America's Clean Air Act strong. Tell your Senators to reject the Murkowski Dirty Air Act.

Do you know someone else who cares about protecting our Clean Air Act? Help us to spread the word:

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