Monday, March 16, 2009

Roadless Area Conservation Rule

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Dear Luke,
After eight years of the Bush administration's efforts to undo the Roadless Area Conservation Rule, our country's last wild national forests are at risk of logging, drilling and other development.
But with a new administration, we have a chance to reverse this terrible legacy and restore the protections for our pristine national forestlands. Send a quick letter to Secretary Vilsack and urge him to initiate an immediate "time out" on road-building in our wild forests »
The Roadless Area Conservation Rule is an environmental policy that protects nearly 60 million acres of wild national forests – including Alaska's Tongass National Forest. Some species, such as the bald eagle and the brown bear, are endangered in other parts of the United States, but thrive in this untouched and wild forestland.
We need to return to America's legacy of conservation, rather than allow these policies to slip into ineffective oblivion.
Roadless areas are some of the most beautiful and ecologically significant lands in our national forests, and it is time for our country to start protecting these areas again so we will have wilderness and wildlife in the future. Please take a moment to send a letter today, and speak up for the roadless areas in our national forests »

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