Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Fly by Night Inc.

When I first started working with Waylon Holbrook helping him out with Combat to Conservation an organization being developed to help disabled veterans be able to volunteer to work on conservation projects and create a network of e-activist maned by home bound veterans to promote conservation, I thought it would be a good idea to research some of the "for" profit agencies that offer these services on the Internet, what I found was "disgusting"

Don't get me wrong the organization's doing conservation work world wide that these agencies point volunteers to, are all good hard working organization's doing important work and desperately need volunteers, so please, nothing I have to say about this is meant to degrade them in any way. And there are good agencies out there that provides this service because of a genuine interest in supporting conservation efforts, I'm not picking on them either.

Let me give you an example of the type of company I'm talking about. Lets call our company Fly By Night Inc. (FBHI) Here's their banner "Volunteer in Exotic New Zealand" work to help save the lush tropical jungles. Never mind the reality of the hard work and hard living associated with this kind of work that the dedicated conservationist find so rewarding. Ok I'm hooked I've got some time on my hands and really want help out. I get in touch with FBNI and we start the process of getting me signed on for my Exotic adventure. First they need my vital information so they can check me out and make sure I'm right for the program I have chosen to participate in. (what their really checking out is my bank account) ok they've checked me out, and decided I'm right for the program (I can afford to pay for my need to volunteer). Now they start to pick my pocket, I don't have a passport no problem they'll handle that (for a fee) I'm going to need a physical and possibly some vaccinations depending on what the requirements are for my exotic destination of course they know a good doctor that can take care of this for me (for a fee) now we come to traveling to my exotic location. FBNI (actually an undercover travel agency) can take care of this for me again (for a fee) by this time I'm looking at how much money I've spent and I'm still in the Ohio Valley but I really want to work in those tropical jungles so I better buy some of this discount gear from them, they seem think, I might need it

I won't go on, you get the picture this is exactly what Waylon run into when he started looking into volunteering to work in a conservation program, it made him mad and the idea for Combat To Conservation began to take form in his mind, now he's putting it together so that veterans who care about the environment will be able to volunteer to work for these important causes "cost free" and know that they have a strong support system backing up there efforts.

I'm very excited about CTC and looking forward to working with the Vets in this very worthwhile project I feel blessed to be part of it. We are still working on the site but take a look, be sure to bookmark it, your going to want to go back.

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  1. It is pretty sad that companies try and profit of conservation projects by making them in to vacation packages. People should not except such a thing.

  2. Dear Luke and friends,

    I have been reading your Environmental Warriors blog. There are some incredibly informative articles there. I was generally aware of the things mentioned but it is good to have the information so readily available. In regards to Waylon and Kandace Holbrooks work on a Combat to Conservation program, I wish them all the best. It is a program that is greatly needed and ought to be funded to the hilt. I think that we could champion it as a part of developing and implementing a US Strategy for Sustainability. I was talking with an activist friend yesterday and we want to set up an organizing committee and get concrete information on how Obama could broaden his conception of Green Jobs and Infrastructure Repair so that it incorporates all aspects of sustainable development – both in the US and overseas. This could be a great project to include as a part of this.

    But Waylon has discovered something very important indeed. It can be very difficult for one to have to overcome human challenges in order to get by and contribute effectively in the world as it is today. Anyone that tries to set up a new non-profit or business faces similar difficulties and all they want to do is do something good for society and make a decent living doing it.

    So, we really need a program(s) that provides jobs for anyone that wants to do something good and make a contribution to society and that supports new projects/non-profits that are tried to start something worthwhile. Obama’s investment incentives should not be a one time thing but instead an expansive program that helps us meet and overcome all of society’s needs. It shouldn’t be so hard to set up a new project and do something new. Support and financial assistance should be there. I would like us to put together and put out a serious proposal to ensure that such a program is developed and implemented as a part of the National Strategy Plan.

    Thanks again,

    Rob Wheeler

    US Citizens Network for Sustainable Development:


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