Friday, November 21, 2008

Reactivate The US Civilian Conservation Corps.

I am so excited about this idea to reactivate The.U. S. Civilian Conservation Corps. I' II be working with Jay Alexander, from St Petersburg, Florida. Jays a naturalist/activist who has worked with the Park Service in Pennsylvania as well as many other naturalist postings.

I work with the disadvantaged in my area. The problems these young people face today, unemployment, homelessness, addiction and much,much more is staggering. The CCC would be an ideal program not only would it give them jobs but, it would build character, and give them a sense of belonging, while doing important work.

The impact it could have on conservation efforts nation wide would definitely be a welcome addition to our efforts to preserve and conserve our natural treasures. The USCCC was one of the most successful New Deal programs there was, I believe it can be again.

"We Can Take It.'
Was the motto of the U.S. Civilian Conservation Corps. It's now the slogan for this campaign. Please read and sign the petition as a starting point, I will be working on this over the next few months, much more to come.
Luke Sexton.


Was the motto of the United States Civilian Conservation Corps.

The mission of this grassroots campaign is to engage and empower the general public to urge our President and Congress to reactivate, refund and revamp this accountable and time proven program the United States Civilian Conservation Corps.

Upon reactivation the mission of "We can take it" could carry on as a clearinghouse in the guidance of this program in some capacity or be dissolved.

Environmental and infrastructural issues long have been ignored on a social and governmental level. This program would help solve those issues and energize our young adults and veterans.
This program would be an optional alternative to military service. Their labor would save our infrastructure and environment. They would battle the ravages of climate change due to global warming and be on-call to help in disaster relief.

America and the world are facing hard times. We need this program to regain our international image. Nations could adopt similar initiatives to improve their infrastructure and environment.
Finally, the United States Civilian Conservation Corps would enable our nation with a more confident, competent and reliable workforce ready for employment. As President Franklin D. Roosevelt wrote in 1933, "More important than the material gains from their labors will be the moral and spiritual value of such work."
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The National Petition to Reactivate the US Civilian Conservation Corps

Ask for CHANGE!
Contact and urge the Obama Transition Team at 202 540-3000, email to and speak on reactivation of the US Civilian Conservation Corps. Contact your federal representative and senator at 202 224-3121 or email via to urge them to sponsor legislation for reactivation of the US Civilian Conservation Corps. After January 20, 2009, contact cabinet members as Interior, Agriculture, Labor, Veterans Affairs, and Defense.
By Organizer Jay Alexander.

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